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Making meaningful and sociocritical videogames using agile and creative methods in order to share experiences...
Our ambition is to offer meaningful and innovative gaming experience


Founded in 2015, Game in the City is a studio of Montpellier, one of the French Tech city. Our région is a very dynamic place for video game, with a strong potential to become a major actor of Europe. There are are many talented developers and indie studios such as The Game Bakers, Swing Swing Submarine, Wild Sheep Studio, Scimob, Féérik Games, but also innovative organizations such as Push Start, Collectif Antithèse and other research Labs.


The team, coming from different horizons, wish to bring its experience and artistic sensitivity to different platforms including touch devices.


Our ambition is to offer meaningful and innovative gaming experiences to players.

Agile Method & Interactive Design

Creating meaningful and sociocritical games requires to use agile methods from the very beginning of a project to the end. That's what StudioLab does.



Network & Sharing
GameintheCity StudioLab is one of the actors from the videogame independent scene of Montpellier, and as such has a professional network that allows to share experience with other structures and organizations of Montpellier.
Training sessions

Whether you are self-taught, professional in retraining, student or simply passionate about new technologies and/or videogame, we can provide you with professionals who will help you through the process to define and achieve your goals in the best conditions.



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