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Game & Art

ArtGame & Game Art are located at the crossroad of industry and art,
in a space dedicated to experimentation

GameintheCity was created in 2012 from a concept study of Game Art on women representations in videogames. The Studiolab aims to develop projects related to the research of its founder and president, Nathalie, specializing in representations conveyed in the video game, especially in terms of gender, identity, but also the body.


Videogame is now used as fabulous space of experimentation in order to create remote concepts of dominant ideologies, treating different subjects of society as for example the genre in videogames. By taking a critical look at the videogame, these concepts allow to show dissonances and to bring gamers emancipating experiences. 


GameintheCity is also interested in Artgames, that's why we consider any partnership in order to unite common energies. As part of experience sharing, GameintheCity puts its expertise at the service of creation, and within it tends to work with Claire Siegel, president of Antithesis collective, specializing in the concepts of " critical play" and procedural rhetoric. 


The way of thinking of the collective put videogames as the ground of experimental utopias. The way of thinking of GameintheCity puts videogames as a sharing and empowerment place, far from any claim of ownership : whether in terms of gender or ideology, the videogame object shouldn't be held as a hostage, whatever the reason why. It must at best be delivered to everyone as an experiential object, both in terms of creation than use.


GameintheCity and Antithese strongly believe in collaborative work. We also share a common taste for academic research in the field of videogames. Antithese is also actually in a R&D field with a partnership with the University Montpellier III. Together we have also vocation to frame and help students who want to engage in the creation of videogames.


Here are some examples of ArtGame and Game Art :


Anna Anthropy

Game Art

Made of Myth
Marc Da Cuhna Lopes 

With dys4ia, Anna Anthropy shows the way Artgame can communicate an strong experience of life, simply but efficiently. 

Marc Dacunha Lopes is a photographer that incorporate video game gameplay elements in his pictures. Those pictures show the factories where, amongst other things, were created Sonic’s rings, Mario’s mushrooms or Arkanoïd’s bricks… 

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